Best Online interior Design Degree Programs

Advances in technology continue to make more and more tasks easier, including obtaining a college education. As a result, students in today’s world are often choosing to earn their college degrees online rather than attend classes on-campus. When it’s time to choose an online degree program, there are many factors to consider to ensure a student is getting the best possible deal. To make it easier for students everywhere, we’ve looked at hundreds of programs from various schools and compiled our list of the Best Online Business Degrees. Among the factors we looked at were the school’s reputation for academics, accreditation status, tuition costs and fees, ease of use and more.


Many students today wonder if getting a business degree will pay off in regards to having a successful career. The answer to this question is a definite yes. Business degrees earned online are viewed with every bit as much respect as those earned on a traditional campus. In fact, many employers view these degrees as more prestigious due to the self-discipline and motivation needed to earn an online degree. The degrees are excellent choices for both students just graduating from high school as well as working adults looking to gain additional education with an eye on promotional opportunities. Students can often choose many areas of business in which to specialize, such as accounting, human resources, finance, management, international business and more.


Studying for a degree online is very different than being on-campus several days a week. While it offers a much more convenient way of completing one’s studies, it does require a high degree of motivation and self-discipline. Often studying is done in the evenings, at night or on weekends for those who work through the week. Sometimes family and friends can unknowingly interfere with your studies, thinking you can complete the work anytime since you’re not actually in class. However, for those who earn online degrees the work has been well worth it. Online degrees are often very popular with students living in rural areas, who sometimes have few local options when it comes to higher education. Students who are married and have families also like online degrees for the flexibility they offer, allowing them to balance personal and professional lives. Working adults seeking promotions to management or other areas also like online business degrees, and can often take advantage of tuition reimbursement plans from their employers.




Colorado State University offers a great online studies program for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Interior Design. Although CSU also offers a 9-credit certificate program, this degree focuses on strategies for sustainable designs, computer aided drafting and cultural-global perspectives. The school also offers a Masters of Science in Design and Merchandising with a specialization in Interior Design.

City College of San Francisco prepares students who want to pursue a career that involves both art and architecture with their Associate of Science Degree in Interior Design degree. This online opportunity presents dynamic studies in architecture and construction, freehand drawing, rendering and delineation and much more.

Cuyahoga Community College District or Tri-C offers students a 69-credit hour program in Interior Design. This Associates of Applied Business degree focuses on design basics, art history and interior design sources and materials. Students at Cuyahoga Community College can also acquire online classes in architectural materials and drafting, lighting fundamentals and presentation of Interior Design.

Mount Ida College allows mixed campus and online classes for those that want to pursue a graduate degree in Interior Architecture. Using AutoCAD instruction and a previous foundation of understanding in multi-dimensional building design, students explore interior design and architecture within a 36-credit hour program.

Manchester Community College offers beginning Interior Design students an opportunity to study real-world practicum for lighting, construction documentation, Computer Aided Drafting, business practices and much more. Students can choose from a two year 66-hour associates degree or they can select a 23-hour certificate program in Interior Design at Manchester Community College with online classes.

Portland Community College prepares students for a solid foundation in Interior Design through TV, interactive video and online classes. PCC provides a two-year Applied Science Degree, a one year degree program in design for aging in place and accessibility and shorter program in sustained design or interior furnishings.

The Interior Design studies opportunity at Red Rocks Community College includes a certificate programs in several areas and an Associate of Applied Science Degrees in Engineering Graphics for Architecture and Engineering Graphics for Mechanical design. Learning emphasis at Red Rocks Community College includes layouts and critical thinking, residential construction drawing and drafting and design mechanics and more.

Queens University of Charlotte allows online students to major or minor in Interior Design. Coursework for the BA in Interior Design includes the study of High Renaissance Art, interior design fundamentals, color-sound-light, sustainable materials and methods and human environments and product designs.

Those that are enthusiastic about working with colors, lighting, design and mood elevating spaces can choose the 66-credit hour Interior Design associate degree from Hawkeye Community College. Students studying at HCC will learn a full spectrum of interior architecture and visual presentation skills, including within the context of historical interiors, human and work relations, modern interiors and basic drafting skills.

The Department of Art and Design at Converse College allows applicants to choose a double major with their Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design. However, Converse College’s Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design includes several advanced levels of learning under this highly developed and award winning program.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and the Associate of Arts degree in Interior Design at Chaminade University of Honolulu provides a great collaborative program that features online and adult evening classes. The curriculum at CUH includes the study of interior colors, textiles, Computer Aided Drafting basics and space planning and programming.

The fine arts program at Garden City Community College offer remote access for students who want to pursue an art and humanities degree in Interior Design. Students are propelled forward with studies in world art history, advanced ceramics, three dimensional design and advanced design and drawing.

Students at the College of Southern Nevada can receive a Associate in Applied Science in Architectural Design Technology that includes a field-ready emphasis in Interior Design. The College of Southern Nevada offers Interior Design students a chance to enroll in online classes and campus-based classes with instructional emphasis in furniture specifications, design application and theory, space planning, color and more.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Marylhurst University is an ideal program that includes both a studio spine and communication spine. These instruction spines include 129-credit hours of study in design exploration and translation, fabrication and materials and analytical and architectural freehand drawing.

Tidewater Community College offers a promising career-aimed program for students that desire an Associate of Applied Science in Interior Design. This 68-credit hour degree provides online and face-to-face training for foundational elements such as three-dimensional drawing and rendering, furnishings and lighting options, interior covering estimations and advanced presentation and rendering.

Encouraging the use of conceptual creativity, artistic flair and the student’s imagination, Kean University provides an unsurpassed approach to interior design concepts. Students are prepared to tackle the needs surrounding visual aesthetics and human behavior with challenging studies in safe design solutions, design and functionality, color basics and historical interiors and public facilities. Students also study the history of furniture and materials, codes and interiors and drafting and presentations.

The College of Liberal Arts at Purdue University presents graduate students with a leading educational opportunity in Interior Design. Student will undergo between 72 credit hours of study and 75 credit hours of study to complete Purdue University’s masters degree. Three sections of study will complete the degree including an art and design core, and interior design core and an supportive requirement for interior design majors.

The mix of technology, creativity and aesthetic functionality are some main points of study within the Interior Design program at Onondaga Community College. Students will apply their collaborative skills within both design and architecture to learning team collaboration, elemental and advanced decoration, safety and design and green-sustained design.

Those seeking an intensive Bachelors of Science in Interior Design at Abilene Christian University are prepared for advanced career opportunities and graduate level studies. With this cross-spectrum degree, students explore many subjects, including the application of aesthetic technology, cultural and global heritage designs and safe welfare practices in interior design and much more.

Students that are driven to success by utilizing color schemes, layouts and applied technological graphics will enjoy the concentrated Interior Design program at the University of Minnesota. Their programs includes a bachelor’s degree, a masters degree and an advanced doctoral degree in Interior Design, and the programs covers graphic design, apparel design, research and theory and sustainability and culture and more.

The Division of Technology and Engineering at Fullerton College propels students towards and exciting career in Interior Design. With online and in-person studies in beginning drafting and the use of materials, applied colors and design theories and professional practices and interior design for business, graduates will be able to acquire an Associate of Science in Interior Design Assistance.

The College of Technology at the Eastern Michigan University has been carefully put together to expand basic and advanced career level knowledge in the Interior Design field spectrum. Students focus on environmental psychology, basic and advanced Computer Aided Drafting, marketing principles and more.

Designed for both hands-on education and practical online learning, the Interior Design scope at Maryville University of Saint Louis is designed for the motivated career advancer. Covering both historical and modern practices in interior design, Interior Design students at MU Saint Louis must undergo a comprehensive schedule of 132-credit hours to complete the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design.

San Jacinto Community College offers an impressive certificate program and an associates degree in Interior Design. Students will be well versed to work within residential and business furnishings, spacing planning and layout, full scope design analysis and Interior Design business procedures. Other distance learning classes include social and behavioral sciences, business and professional speech and fine arts and humanities.

Both pre-interior and professional interior design programs are taught at the Western Michigan University. As a result, both beginning and advanced Interior Design students can learn at their prospective levels. Social perspectives, modern and historical design motifs and drawing and document development studies are explored at Western Michigan University.

The mission of the Interior Design program at Texas State University San Marcos is to provide students with a multi-level scope competency. Exploring the Interior Design Major at TSU San Marcos reveals an inviting degree that requires 124-credit hours in courses that includes the study of housing and environments, architecture and contemporary interiors and environmental research and design.

The Boston Architectural College at at the top of the Interior Design education platform for beginning and advanced studies. Their cutting edge scope of study is comprised of flexible face-to-face and hybrid learning environments that features transdisciplinary studio classes, the assembly of sustainable materials and geometric modeling. Furthermore, students learn imagination and observation drawing, interior lighting and color and advanced degree studies with BAC’s Master of Interior Design.

Pratt Institute offer an undergraduate Bachelor of Fine Art degree in Interior Design as well as a graduate level Master of Science in Interior Design. Both of these degree programs include a free NYC Museum admission that allows students to explore historical and modern collections at several galleries within the area. Even so, students explore digital and analog communication techniques in Interior Design and well as cultural design context and broad-based Interior Design scopes.

Southern Illinois University maintains a trendy Interior Design program. Flexible based classes and online enrollment creates a expansive platform so that students can earn a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design. As an accredited university, students will be pre-loaded with career skills utilizing studies in glass work, art education, communication design, metalsmithing and print making and more.

Students at Las Positas College will be able to present innovative, original and professional Interior Design work for businesses and residential clients. Las Positas College offers a 33-hour certificate program as well as a 60-hour Associate of Science degree in Interior Design. The program reveals historical concepts and modernized design concepts, including material and color concepts, special needs designs and the technology of home design and construction.

Cazenovia College has elevated their Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design to an award winning program. Students can expect to acquire an full-fledged spine of knowledge that includes general education courses, online program courses and specifics career courses within their 126-credit hour program. Specifically, Cazenovia College students can study hospitality design, finishes and materials, contract interiors, retail exhibition designs and building codes.

Students that are looking for serious careers in Interior Design should explore the Master of Interior Architecture at Suffolk University. This program explores two and three dimensional concepts using modern computer hardware and software programs that will become highly valuable with real-world career applications. Exploratory concepts within the online-classroom program includes advanced lighting concepts, contemporary and historical design studies and sustainable designs for health and the environment.

Real world applications and creativity begins a Interior Design degree from Mercyhurst College. Online students and campus enrolled ID students will explore a functional program core that includes the study of color and light, building technology and technical graphics, history of architecture and Interior Design. Design for hospitality, government, retail and institutions are also explored.

Earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design from the University of Central Missouri means that students will walk away with a working knowledge of
artists of contemporary society, painting, presentation techniques, drafting fundamentals and drawing techniques and more with their 128-credit hour program.

An AAS degree in Interior Design from Pueblo Community College allows graduates to work in real estate, retail sales, hospitality and healthcare and home furnishing and lighting companies and more. Students of Pueblo Community College will be able to pursue a Green Advantage Certificate program by taking an exam within the program, as well completing a curriculum in resource conservation, air quality and energy.

Interior Design students at Montgomery College will receive an award winning education that has be recognized and accredited by the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Students may choose an Associate of Art in Interior Design, a general track Associate of Applied Science in Interior Design with an NKBA track or Montgomery College students online may choose an introductory, advanced or partnership certificate in interior design.

George Washington University has been known for its leading career preparedness programs. The Interior Design program at GWU includes a significant value for students that want to learn under the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences School. Focused curriculum includes artistic and technical phases in Interior Design for both GWU’s Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and Master of Fine Arts degree.

Lawson State Community College offers Interior Design enthusiasts and professionals a chance to earn an online or off-line 23-hour credited short certificate. This certificate includes the study of elemental color and design, soft interior designs and a work place skills presentation class.

Norwalk Community College delivers great learning concepts for online students pursuing their Associate of Applied Science degree in Interior Design. Besides an cooperative education work experience, students will explore architecture of the world, materials and textiles and architectural CADD.

Randolph Community College provides a reputable education opportunity for those pursuing Interior Design. The AAS degree at RCC features an in-depth student approach to learning unified environment concepts, elemental design and creative and harmonious hue schemes.

The fabulous Interior Design program at Central Piedmont Community College features offline and online prepares students to work as design assistants, interior sales associates and color consultants. Students at CPCC may choose an 72-credit hour AAS degree or a Residential Interior Decoration Diploma.