Best Online Human Resource Degree Programs

The job outlook for human resource specialists is growing at an impressive 21% in the United States. As a business grows, the need for an HR professional will become more and more apparent as assistants, secretaries, and managers are no longer able to spend time hiring, answering employees concerns, managing healthcare and company policies, and more. While the HR needs of every industry are widely different, in general most people agree once a company reaches 50 people, they most likely need an HR specialist. This demand means people educated in the field of HR can enjoy finding a job in a wide range of industries and locations. Plus, these professionals enjoy a solid salary as well, starting out at about $33,000 for an assistant and moving up to $75,000 and then into the six figures for HR managers and directors. One of the first steps to being promoted in this field is getting educated in HR. For people who already have an entry level position in HR or those interested in getting their foot in the door in the field while still working a different job, an online human resources program may be the best way to get educated. Here are some things to look for in an online human resources program.


HR degree options range for certificates typically offered through continuing education courses at universities with an online program, to BA, MA, MS, and even PhDs. Most human resource professionals will need a BA degree in order to work for a large company and to earn the paycheck to match. However, people who prefer living in a small town may be able to find a regional or local company that is willing to hire someone with just an HR certificate and the desire to build a career.


An additional way for professionals to make their resume stand out is with an HR specialization. While there are many HR generalist positions available, the top paid professionals are typically directors, managers, or specialists. Some specialization options offered by the best online HR programs include talent director, consulting, diversity and inclusion, corporate communications, organizational development, HRIS, training, labor relations, staffing and recruitment, and compensation professional.


Prospective students should ensure the program they’re interested in is accredited by the US Department of Education or a legitimate and reputable HR entity such as the Human Resources Certification Institute. Only a degree or certification from an accredited program will be beneficial in the job market.

Below is a list of the top online human resources programs. This ranking was determined using data gleaned from hundreds of surveys sent to students who were enrolled in HR programs around the country. Additionally, program reputation was assessed by experts in the field and the salaries and job placement of graduates from each program was taken into account.



Central Georgia Technical College offers great programs that lead to a career in Human Resources. Whether its an associate degree in Business Administrative Technology or an associate degree in Business Management, a Human Resource Management Certificate can be acquired online and added to these 63-credit programs.

Cardinal Stritch University offers an updated 15-credit certificate program in Human Resource Management. As a flexible option, this credited certificate is offered entirely online by Cardinal Stritch University, and it includes high quality course work that covers everything from hiring practices to legal and ethical issues.

Southern New Hampshire University is highly prepared to offer students a complete online degree program in Business Studies Human Resource Management. Although the focus of the program is business organization, students will earn a degree that includes 45-core courses that prepares them for mid-level management.

The University of Maine offers a a great Human Resource Management Credit Certificate that can be a great addition to a Business Administration Degree in Human Resources. The certificate requires a total of 18 credits or 6 courses that cover Labor Management Relations and much more.

Colorado State university provides online courses geared towards Human Resources degrees under the guide of Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Organizational Performance and Change and Adult Education and Training. Certificates within the same field include Mediation, Organizational Development, Performance Management, Psychological Measurements and Methodologies and Workplace Learning and Performance.

The Bachelors Degree of Business Administration program at Trine University offers a great opportunity for study via virtual means. The degree is a complete 120-credit degree program that can include a Human Resources Management emphasis. The courses in Human Resources includes investments study, counseling and leadership studies.

Gaston College offers a great certificate and associate degree program for students wanting to enter the Human Resources field. Under the college’s Business Administration program, students can earn an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Human Resources Management Concentration that covers assessments, instructional development and more online.

Students that are searching for a complete program of study within the field of Human Resources should inquire about the online Human Resource Management program at San Diego State University. The full program is offered as a specialized program that requires an internship for completion.

Saint Leo University provides the right degree program for those desiring a Human Resource degree. Requiring 120 credits, student receive a full fledged education in human resource strategic planning, risk management and counseling and interview skills. Students also delve into industrial and organizational psychology and more.

Metropolitan State University is an ideal educational campus for students that want a Human Resources Degree. The school offers a complete Bachelors of Science degree in Human Resources that is designed to prepare students for workforce, government and educational organization. The program required 120 online credits.

Regent University College of Arts and Sciences provides students with an Associates of Arts Degree in Human Resources. The colleges requires students to undergo a full online or hybrid program that requires an expanded educational program of 67 credits, including employee evaluation systems, compensation studies and economics.

Nova Southeastern University offers a great Masters of Science Degree program in Human Resource Management. The program is design so that students can obtain their degree within 18 consecutive months. The curriculum is under the Huizengs Business School that requires the completion of 43 credited courses.

Greenville Technical College prepares students for entre-level organizational positions with a Management Associate in Applied Science. Under this program students can elect to include an emphasis in Human Resource Management. Online classes can be elected, but students must complete between 63 and 65 credits to graduate.

Anna Maria College provides a Bachelor of Arts in Human Development and Human Services that prepares graduates for a career in Human Resource Management. The Administrative Concentration program covers aspects of Human Resources, and it is an ideal program for students wanting a broad-based curriculum.

Madison Area Technical College offers a cutting edge Associate Degree in Science within the field of Human Resource Management. Students can undergo an accelerated undergraduate program, an online program or a hybrid program. Madison Area Technical College also offers a certificate in Human Resource Management.

The University of Virginia offers a great 30-credit post baccalaureate educational certificate within the Human Resource Management discipline. Students can elect to take two of these classes per term within an 18-month period. This well-rounded program includes the study of complex budgets, in-house consulting and more.

The C. T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston provides undergraduates with a comprehensive Bachelor of Business Administration that includes complete Human Resource Management Track and a Leadership Track. Each of these programs addresses the primary training and skills needed within the field.

Students searching for a comprehensive approach to a BBA, MBA and a Ph. D within the field of management and human resources can enroll within one of these programs at the University of Wisconsin. These full-degree programs are provided under the Wisconsin School of Business.

Davenport University offers Bachelor of Business Administration Human Resource Management degrees that provides additional value for online students. Covering critical training and knowledge for those wanting careers as Human Resource Managers, Job Analysis Specialist and more, the program gets recognition by the Society for Human Resource Management.

Villanova University gives students the opportunity to earn a combined degree within the Human Resource Development nitche. The university provides an general studies-leadership curriculum Bachelor or Arts Degree that is combined with a Masters program. Student may also enroll in a similar program for Human Resource Psychology.

Minnesota State Community and Technical College connects students to the field of Human Resources by providing two 60-credit programs. Students can earn an Associate of Applied Science degree or an Associate of Science degree in Human Resources with the ladder designed for continuing students.

Dakota County Technical College provides an 17-credit Human Resource Development Certificate under their Business and Management School. The certificate provides a deeper look at the knowledge set required to succeed within organizational management careers. Students will learn about safety and compliance, management performance and more.

Mary L. Hurst University provides a strategic online Bachelor of Science Business Management Degree that is geared towards helping students join the demanding field of Human Resources as a manager or another popular organizational leadership careers. MaryLHurst University allows enrolled students to fully customized their degree program.

Huntington University provides an online Excel program for those seeking an accredited Bachelor Degree in Human Resource Management. At the core of the program, students must complete 48 credit hours within this discipline that includes organizational studies in research and development, professional writing skills and oral presentation skills.

Students are highly prepared for organization business careers and administrative personnel jobs after completing an online Liberal Arts Degree in Human Resources from Ottawa University. Social enterprise management, global opporations and a capstone course in Seminar in Applied Human Resources are some course requirments for online study.

Baker College provides access to an Associate Degree in Human Resources as well as a Bachelor Degree in Human Resource Management. Students undertake classes that offer training in global human organizational training, human resource evaluation, employment law, human resource evaluation and many more human organizational skill sets.

Holyoke Community College offers both a certificate program and an associate degree option within the discipline of Human Resource Management. The certificate program requires 24 total credit hours, while the associate degree requires students to finish between 66 course credit hours and 69 course credit hours.

A Masters of Business Administration will be awarded to Human Resource Management students that complete the required course credits at Brenau College. The college boasts an organizational leadership program that ranks within the first 10% in the nation that includes courses in talent acquisition and human resource management strategies.

The School of Management at the University of Illinois provides both major and minor study programs that are geared towards Human Resource Management training systems. The Human Resource Management Major Sequence deals with selection and recruitment, strategies in human resource career planning and labor relations strategies.

Iowa Western Community College offers enrollees a comprehensive 2-year program in Business Administration with related elective in Human Resource Management. The courses are offered during the day, during the evening and anytime via online enrollment. Students will learn about public speaking strategies, accounting and more.

Students acquiring a Masters of Science Human Resource Management degree from Golden Gate University can boast that the program offers a dynamic curriculum that is in direct alignment with the curriculum guide provided by the Society of Human Resource Management. Methodologies studied include international organizational approaches and more.

Distance learning course work to complete a Masters of Business Administration is provided by Mississippi State University. The course work includes strategies and skills training that is concentrated within the Human Resources platform. Students learn about varies Human Resource issues, and the study program is self-paced.

Champlain College delivers one of the nations best educations that includes Human Resource learning opportunities under the Robert P. Stiller School of Business Majors. With a Business Administration Degree, students can enroll within the school to complete the Human Resource Management Specialization that includes 5 credited classes.

Walsh College of Accountancy and Business Administration offers complete course work for those pursuing a decision making career in Human Resources. The degree offered is a Bachelor of Business Administration Management that provides room for human resource training and related elective courses.

Clark State Community College delivers a flexible plan for Human Resource majors. The plan includes a comprehensive study load that includes staffing skills training, employment law, compensation and development and much more within the 64-credit online Associate of Applied Business Management Human Resource Management Option.

Bellevue University’s Bachelor of Science Management of Human Resource Degree prepares students with fundamental information as well as preparedness training for the Professional in Human Resource Certification testing or P.H.R training examination. Students can utilize an Internet-based program, an accelerated stuying program or an on-campus curriculum program.

Western Carolina University provides a fully accredited degree within the Online Masters Degree Human Resources Program. With 36-credit hours or 12 completed courses, students are prepared for upper level organizational management challenges, including research and evaluation methodologies, leadership and Human Resources and elected Human Resource subjects.

The College of Business Administration at Hawaii Pacific University is a part of a narrow list of schools that offer curriculum and instruction that meets the protocols that are outlined by the Society of Human Resource Management, including safety and security, benefits management and much more.

Stony Brook College provides certification and recertification preparation course for individuals already involved in a career as a Professional in Human Resources or PRH or Senior Professional in Human Resources or SPRH. The program is an overview that prepares students for the Human Resource Certification Institute or HRCI exam.

National University provides students with a solid background in Human Resources. Students will undergo a Bachelor of Science Degree governed by the Business Administration School that will include an emphasis in current Human Resources curriculum. Students will learn about new technologies, court decisions and more related to Human Resources.

Towson University delivers quality online courses that are aimed at Business Administration Majors. With a Human Resource Management Track, the major includes 21 units or credited hours of required track courses, and once it is complete, students can enroll in one of three Human Resource Development Masters programs.

Central Pennsylvania College is dedicated to providing a solid foundation for human organizational development. The college provides a full scholastic program designed to meet the changing course loads of managers, directors and organizing personnel. As a result, many students enroll in the BS in Business Administration that includes a Human Resource rider.

Inver Hills Community College offers a great updated A.S and A.A.S degree in Contemporary Business. Students can enhance these programs by enrolling into the 12-credit Human Resource Management Certificate program. The certification includes four classes that cover HR in business, principles, management and business employment law.

Bryant University gives students an opportunity to leverage their people skills with an 18-credit Human Resource Management Concentration. Once this platform of 122 credits is complete, graduates will have a Liberal Arts in Management degree with a foundation that enables them to work as a field specialist, global diversity specialist and many more related fields.

Saint Joseph’s College in New York provides a great virtual preparatory module that meets the guidebook standards that are established by the Society of Human Resource Management. Certification students and recertification students have an option to take a series of weekend course loads or to take the flexible online test preparation course.

Concordia University helps students put their great people skills to use by providing an educational sphere dedicated to organizational management. With a Bachelor or Arts in Human Resource Management from Concordia University, students are able to develop knowledge and skills in micro-economics, international HR and many more classes.