The Best Online Graphic Design Programs proudly presents our list of the best online graphic design programs. These schools have been selected because of their exceptional value, dedication to their students, versatility in learning styles via online courses, and, of course, the quality of education they give their students. This list was created for those who are looking into an online graphic design degree and want to choose the very best programs.

Students wishing to study graphic design need to choose the best possible school for their careers. In today’s job market, students need every advantage they can get to land the job of their dreams. Before choosing which school to attend, there are a number of factors that must be taken into consideration.

First is determining your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to online learning. This type of program requires self-motivation and discipline to succeed, so knowing how and where you do your best work will help determine the type of program chosen. Submitting assignments at home when the kids are screaming can be a challenge, so making sure you don’t need the traditional classroom atmosphere for success is something to carefully consider.

Next is looking at a school’s accreditation. Many students have made the mistake of overlooking this, only to find out they are unable to land a job due to the school lacking proper accreditation status. Those Graphic Design majors planning on teaching careers should be particularly attentive to this since most states require specific credentials be met before being allowed to teach. This issue is also important to those wanting to transfer credits to another school in the future for graduate studies.

Talking with students and professors can also help make the decision easier. In particular, former students are good to talk with when inquiring about expectations of professors and how the online classes really work. Reading testimonials and looking at college rankings from independent sources can also be helpful in deciding if a school is right for you.

Since online learning for any programs, graphic design or otherwise, depends on computers for success, it’s a good idea to make sure your computer system is up to speed with the proper requirements. Make sure your browser is updated and your computer has enough memory, and ask if high-speed internet is required. Once these details are taken care of, find out about the technical support department of the college of choice. Is tech support available 24/7 to students, or only during business hours? Is the department easy to contact by phone or email, or have students reported numerous problems? Answering these questions early on can save lots of headaches later.

Tuition costs are also topics to consider. Do costs include all materials and fees, or just tuition? Does the school offer financial aid or payment plans to students? Ask to speak with a financial aid officer about potential loans, grants and scholarships available to students.

Make sure all prerequisites are met before deciding on a program. Most schools have certain classes that must be taken prior to acceptance, or a certain GPA that must be attained for admittance. Also find out about a school’s orientation for new students. Most online programs conduct orientations totally online, but some do require students to come to campus for a weekend or several days to meet with professors and staff. If travel would be a problem, consider another program or find someone to help at home while you make the trip. By doing your homework about online programs, earning a degree from these schools can be exciting and educational.



The Graphic and Multimedia Design Program at Randolph Community College offers students a chance to develop competencies that let them demonstrate their concepts, knowledge, and skills in the graphic design industry. The online program is structured to provide the maximum flexibility in scheduling courses to reach the goal of a degree or certificate.

The Community College of Beaver County offers career enhancing online programs that include the online certificate program in graphic design. The online program offered by the community college gives students the flexibility and variety that is desired by many pursuing the creative field.

The New School is the home of the prominent and renowned Parsons The New School for Design. The online programs offered by the school include the AAS Graphic Design degree program and the non-degree certificate program in Graphical and Digital Design. The program is tailored for students from all walks of life and diverse professions. The New School program delivers a flourishing learning environment.

The eLearning program at Montana State University-Great Falls College of Technology is the vehicle by which some online courses are provided to students in the Graphic Design program. The college has developed a curriculum that prepares its students for the commercial graphic design field.

The Community College of Vermont (CCV) offers a full slate of online programs that are designed to be convenient, flexible and adaptive to the student’s busy schedule. Classes in Graphic Design are available online and the classes can be used to obtain the Associate of Arts degree. CCV has a goal of making its students successful and the online program is a major reason the college succeeds.

The Graphic Design curriculum at Santa Rosa Junior College is a two-year program that will lead to the Graphic Design Certificate of Achievement. The program is primarily classroom-based but the college does offer several online courses in the Graphic Design program. The combination of online and on-campus classes provides the best outcomes for its graduates of the program.

The Web and Graphic Design program at South Mountain Community College is offered through the online program. Both a Certificate of Completion and an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) is available for students pursuing this career field. The college has crafted a program that targets the specific skills needed for today’s job market in graphic design.

Laney College offers both the Associate of Arts degree and the Certificate of Achievement in its Graphic Design/Digital Imaging program. With its expanding online presence in conjunction with the Peralta Community College District, the school is embracing the use of distance education to give its graphic design students the desired options and flexibility to obtain their degree online.

Through the Digital Design and Information Technology program offered by Spoon River College, students can learn all facets of graphical design that can lead to a Graphic Design Certificate or the Associate in Applied Science Degree. The college’s growing online program allows for several courses to be taken online. For those in the local area, there will be internship opportunities prior to completing the course.

Suffolk University offers a diverse Graphic Design program that can lead to a Graphic Design Certificate, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design or even the Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. Each of these certificate or degree programs is tailored to meet the particular needs of the student. With their online presence, some of the graphic design courses can be taken online.

Tallahassee Community College offers its Graphic Design program in two tracks: one that leads to a Graphic Design Certificate and the other that leads to the AAS degree in Graphic Design Technology. Both are tailored to address the career paths that the student desires to pursue. Through its Distance Learning program and the Florida Virtual Campus network, some of the graphic design classes can be taken online.

The slate of degree and certificate programs at Community College of Baltimore County number more than 100. Included among them is the Graphic Design concentration within the Graphics and Digital Media program. With a robust online presence, many of the classes necessary to pursue the Graphic Design degree are available online.

There are two methods of obtaining a degree or certificate in Graphic Design at Cecil College. The Associate of Arts in Graphic Design and the Certificate in Graphic Design are tailored to give students the skills and proficiency to prepare for jobs in commercial design and other areas. With a strong online presence, the college provides the opportunity for students to take some of the classes online.

The Associate of Applied Science Degree with a concentration in Graphic Design is offered at Dodge City Community College. The degree prepares the student for careers in that field. The college’s online program is available for a variety of classes that may be needed for the Graphic Design program.

Ozarks Technical Community College has a Graphic Design Technology program that leads to the Associate of Applied Science Degree. The program has a primary emphasis on visual communication that trains the graduates to use their artistic skills to be critical thinkers and problem-solvers. The college’s online program has classes that may fulfill some of the design program’s requirements.

Using the strength of its liberal arts heritage and its college creed of character, scholarship, culture and service, Mansfield University of Pennsylvania’s comprehensive Graphic Design program provides its students with a focused and dedicated curriculum. The Graphic Design certificate can be earned online through the college’s partnership with ed2go.

Combining the focus of the creative mind and the application to the business world, Ferris State University has structured a Graphic Design Program that is unparalleled and geared toward developing successful graduates. Many of the classes required to complete the four-year program can be taken online.

Practical application, creative enhancement and conceptual problem-solving are the components that are emphasized in the Graphic Design Program at Kansas City Art Institute. Through the schools Online Learning program, students can use the flexibility and convenience of the program to complete courses that lead to a degree or certificate in Graphic Design.

Tabor College develops the creative skills of the students in its Graphic Design Program by providing an intensive and thorough program that focuses on all facets of Graphic Design. Students will be highly prepared to take the knowledge gained into the workplace and into practical applications. With a limited online program, students at Tabor College do have opportunities to take some courses online.

The Graphic Design Program at Carl Sandburg offers a number of elements that are attractive to students pursuing this field. The classes are student-focused, offered online, affordable and have a diverse range of curriculum that benefits the students. Students completing the program will be ready for a high-demand profession and will be well-armed with a portfolio of their work.

Carroll Community College offers three ways to complete the Graphic Design Program: the Associate of Applied Science degree, Certificate and a Letter of Recognition. Each track has specific courses and duration that are tailored to the career goals of the student.

The Graphic Design program is just one of the many programs offered through eCollin, the online arm of Collin County Community College. Students pursuing an Associate of Applied Science degree in Graphic Design will get a well-rounded education and will also benefit from the convenience of a robust online program.

The Graphic Design program is offered through the Robert Busch School of Design at Kean University. This prestigious program features a Bachelors degree curriculum that engages its students to think outside of the box and develops them into professional practitioners. Kean University has an extensive online program that providse the opportunities for online classes that may meet some of the Graphic Design program requirements.

The fine arts curriculum at Lewis University is structured to bring out the best creative skills from its students. The curriculum leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Graphic Design. The university has an extensive online program that provides opportunities for online classes. These classes are available through the undergraduate, graduate and adult accelerated programs.

Students pursuing a career in Graphic Design can obtain the Associate in Art & Science Degree in Graphic Design, Associates in Art Degree in Graphic Design or a Certificate in Graphic Design. These three choices provide sufficient options for students to select the path that best fit their goals. Online classes are available in the Art and Humanities area at Southeastern Illinois College that supports achieving the degrees or certificate.

Vincennes University’s two-year Graphic Design program is focused on preparing its students to be competitive in the job market by giving them a strong foundation in the creative field. The university’s online program is very broad-based with some opportunity for core curriculum to be taken online.

Guilford Technical Community College offers its Advertising and Graphic Design curriculum as the pathway to obtaining an Associate Degree or the certificate in Graphic Design. The college has a strong online presence and many of the courses can be used to satisfy some of the requirements for the Graphic Design program.

The Graphic Design program at Bramson ORT College is designed to provide its students with training traditional graphic design as well as web design. The curriculum is structured toward staying in step with the latest technology and changes in the graphic design field. Online classes are available for many of the requirements to achieve the Associate Degree in Applied Science.

Marywood University offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design to students desiring to obtain the knowledge and technical skills that will prepare them for the workplace. The university has a distance learning program that delivers the flexibility and availability needed by many working students.

California College San Diego provides the opportunity to obtain either the Associate Degree in Graphic Design or a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Arts with Design emphasis. With one of the best online programs in this field, students can obtain their degree in as little as 15 months for the AA degree and 30 months for the BA degree.

The online Graphic Design program at Southern New Hampshire University is geared toward translating ideas into reality through graphic design. The university’s online program, which started in 1996, is one of the oldest in the nation. With an accomplished faculty, flexible access and affordable tuition, Southern New Hampshire University is a great choice for those pursuing Graphic Design.

Those pursuing a career in Graphic Design can achieve that goal through the college degrees offered online by Stevens-Henager College. The college prepares the students for their careers with either the Associate of Applied Science degree or the Bachelor of Science degree. With the entire program available online, students have an excellent choice at Stevens-Henager College.

The newly established online option of the Graphic Design Certificate Program at the University of Massachusetts Lowell is the ideal program for working students and those needing the flexibility of distance learning to reach their career goals. The online program provides students with the same quality education as the campus-based Graphic Design Program.

The Associate of Arts degree in Graphic Design can be fully completed online through the program offered by the Community College of Vermont. The program prepares its students for positive outcomes that allow them to develop their skills and enhance their creativity through a program that is flexible and tailored to their needs.

Eastern Arizona College’s Graphic Design Program brings together a seasoned faculty, hands-on training and online courses that make it a desirable program for students. Potential students should consider Eastern Arizona College as an option for distance learning as they prepare themselves for a career in the Graphic Design field.

As one of the top state universities in the nation, West Virginia University has a proven Graphic Design program whose graduates are working in top positions throughout the country. With a growing online presence, the opportunities to take online classes toward the advanced degrees in the Graphic Design field are steadily unfolding.

A significant number of online courses are available in the Graphic & Interactive Design Program at Foothill College. The availability and flexibility of these courses enhance the curriculum offered by the college. The online design program is very comprehensive and tailored for developing successful graduates who receive the Associate Degree.

Pensacola State has a two-year Graphic Design Technology Program that culminates in an Associate Degree and ultimately a career in the design field. The curriculum is also structured to prepare the student to continue at a four-year institution. With a significant online presence, some courses may be taken online to fulfill the requirements of the degree.

With a standing as one of the nation’s top art schools, Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) has continued to burnish its stellar reputation by championing online education as part of its offerings. The Graphic Design Program benefits from the seamless integration of the online program with the campus program. Students can earn both the Bachelors and Masters Degrees online at SCAD.

The Online/Distance Learning Program at Columbus State Community College is targeted to students that need the flexibility and accessibility that a campus-based program cannot provide. Students can pursue an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Digital Design and Graphics through the convenience of the Internet.

Bellevue University has developed an award-winning online learning model that gives working students and professionals the convenience of distance learning and programs such as Graphic Design that meet their career goals. The Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design can be obtained completely online at Bellevue University.

A Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design is available through the online program at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design. The program is designed to incorporate practical applications, creativity, and skills taught by a qualified staff to develop students that will be ready for the workplace.

Middle Tennessee State University offers a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design that has many classes available online. The program prepares students to be successful candidates for the job market or to pursue higher degrees in the field. The university’s online program offers hybrid, synchronous online and other online variations to meet the needs of non-traditional students.

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater offers both the BFA with Graphic Design emphasis and the BA in Graphic Design to students seeking to develop their skills in this field. The university has an extensive online program and many of the courses in the Graphic Design major can be taken online.

The Graphic Design Program at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design has several routes for prospective students to obtain an education in the design field. They can pursue the Certificate, Bachelors Degree or Masters Degree. Each path has courses that can be taken online as part of the college’s Online Learning Program.