Best Online Biology Degree Programs

In today’s job market education is more important than ever. Most employers require at least a bachelor’s degree, while more are requiring master’s degrees for consideration. Due to the demand for skilled workers, many schools are offering online degree programs in biology, education, business administration and more. While offering flexibility and convenience to students, there are many factors to take into consideration when choosing an online degree program or school. We’ve gathered data and made this list of the best online biology degree programs in the United States to help students and families make the right decision when choosing the right school to pursue their biology degree.

The first thing to do is make sure you are right for online learning. While it sounds easy enough, it can be harder than expected. Make sure you can complete assignments without being in a traditional classroom with a professor and other students. Also, make sure you can work on assignments at home while the kids, spouses and friends are vying for your attention.

When deciding which school to attend and which major to choose, make sure the school has the proper accreditation. Many fields including social work, nursing, education and medicine require students to earn degrees with specific accreditations approved by the U.S. Department of Education and regional accreditation agencies. Doing some research can help avoid potential embarrassment and delays, while giving you peace of mind that your degree will be accepted by any employer. Accreditation is also important if wishing to transfer credits to another school later on for advanced studies.

After finding out about accreditation, find out how much it will cost to attend the school. Is the tuition cost all-inclusive with books and fees, or are these extra? What kind of financial aid is available? If the school has a financial aid officer, take time to speak with them to find out about grants, loans, scholarships and other forms of aid. Also take time to speak with former students about their experience at the school. Reading testimonials and speaking with students is often the best way to find out what the school is really like. Former students have nothing to gain by distorting the picture, so what they tell you is usually the truth.

Before signing up and paying that first dollar of tuition, investigate the technical requirements needed from your computer system. Is high-speed internet required, or can dial-up still work? Is your browser updated enough to be compatible with the school? Also find out about the school’s technical support services in case problems arise. Is tech support available 24/7, and what is the best way to contact the department?

If everything sounds good up to this point, it’s time to apply to the school. Make sure all prerequisites have been met prior to doing so to avoid embarrassment and delay. Most majors require certain classes to have already been completed prior to acceptance, so do your homework and ensure all requirements are met. If applying to a graduate program, make sure you know if students are required to take the GRE prior to admittance. Also be sure to familiarize yourself with a school’s orientation requirements. Some schools do orientations completely online, while others have students travel to campus to meet with professors, staff and other students. If travel could be a concern, you may need to look at other schools or make arrangements with family and friends to help out while you’re gone. By taking some time to check the facts, choosing an online degree program can be easy and enjoyable.

The Best Online Biology Degree Programs

Pensacola State College

Pensacola State College is a great school for those interested in pursuing an Associate’s Degree in Biology. Not only does the Pensacola State College program prepares students for their Bachelor’s Degree in the future but is also specifically designed to give students an advantage in applying to Florida-based institutions for further study.

Heidelberg University

Heidelberg University is a great choice for any students interested in working closely with some of the most experienced professors in their field. With a wide range of internship opportunities and a dedicated commitment to the field of Biology, Heidelberg University is a solid foundation from which to build a promising career. While they only offer a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, they do provide support for students eager to advance their career in post-graduate studies upon completion of their Bachelor’s Degree.

Utica College

Dakota State University has a number of viable Biology programs available for students, depending on their specific needs and particular area of interest. For those interested in the technical side of Biology, Dakota State University offers a Bachelor of Science in Biology for Information Systems. Conversely, they also offer a Bachelor of Science in Education for Biology for those more interested in teaching others in an academic environment. Finally, there are Minors available in Biology for those that have an interest in Biology but are more focused on another field to build their career out of.

Truman State University offers programs in Biology for everyone from undergraduates to postgraduates. Interestingly, Truman State University has two basic Bachelor programs in Biology: for those with a leaning towards the arts and those with a leaning towards the sciences. While both programs are focused on delivering a quality education in Biology, the arts program has more of a focus on general research and comprehension, whereas the science program focuses more on complex scientific principles, like organic chemistry. Truman State University also offers Master of Arts in Education for Biology, as well as the Master of Science in Biology.

Mansfield University of Pennsylvania has a sizeable number of various specific focuses for those interested in a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. From a focus on Cell and Molecular Biology to Environmental Biology to Medical Laboratory Sciences, Mansfield University of Pennsylvania has it all. In addition, the institution also offers a more general degree in Biology for those that are interested in a more all-inclusive educational experience.

Aquinas College is primarily concerned with fostering an advanced learning environment for undergraduate students by providing them with all of the tools they’ll need for a successful education in Biology. Unlike some of the other schools listed here, though, Aquinas College only offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Science for Biology, as well as a Minor.

Oklahoma Panhandle State University

Oklahoma Panhandle State University offers its students two varieties of education in Biology, from a Bachelor of Science Degree to a Minor. Either way, Oklahoma Panhandle State University has the tools that students need for success in their field and has other academic options for those that might be interested in Biology, but crave a more general education in the field of science.

Saint Louis University is a highly recommended university for those interested in Biology because of its wide array of options in terms of programs and available majors. Not only do they offer the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biology, as well as the Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology, but they also have an exhaustive program for post-graduate students interested in furthering their studies and acquiring either their Master’s Degree or Doctorate.

Allegheny College prides itself on its flexible course requirements for Biology students. As part of their mantra that students should “learn by doing”, Allegheny College encourages its students to exceed their own aspirations and strive to set themselves apart by focusing on individual study programs that teach them how to be self-sufficient in their field.

Roane State Community College may only offer students an Associate’s Degree in Biology, but they make up for this with their dedication to helping students achieve their goals through other means. Whether it be online courses, or the non-traditional pursuit of a Bachelor’s Degree through one of Roane State’s affiliate campuses, students can pursue their field of study at the speed they’re most comfortable with.

Tulane University of Louisiana contains an exhaustive list of various fields that potential Biology students can focus on. This level of detail helps to separate it from other educational institutions as it provides the general scientific background to students while also allowing them to customize their education and graduate with enough knowledge to give them an advantage in their chosen career. While all of their Biology majors provide students with Bachelor’s Degrees in Science, it’s not a stretch to say the level of knowledge these majors provide will still help students interested in leveraging their major to start a career in education as well.

University of Arkansas primarily focuses itself on providing students with a very specific level of attention. In order to do this, the University of Arkansas keeps its student to faculty ratios as low as possible, emphasizing interpersonal relationships above lectures and “talking at” students. If you’re interested in earning your Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and prefer smaller classrooms, then the University of Arkansas should be at the top of your list for potential schools.

University of the Incarnate Word is proud to announce its recent addition of an exciting new program in Biology that ends with students moving through their Bachelor’s Degree directly to their Master’s. In order to do this, the University of the Incarnate Word and its Biology department devised an educational program that takes students five years to complete, but with the added benefit of having students move on with a Master’s Degree.

Northwestern College is a Christian college with an emphasis of intertwining the bible with a more traditional educational experience. Students pursuing a Biology Degree here are encouraged to move on to related fields in dentistry, pharmaceuticals or medical schools. If you’re religious and want to be surrounded by like-minded individuals, then Northwestern College is a great school to attend.

Xavier University of Louisiana is incredibly devoted to the field of Biology, as it is actually their largest department on campus. In addition, Xavier University of Louisiana has been lauded for its dedication to educating African Americans, as it leads the nation in the most African American graduates in Biology. If you’re serious about getting one of the best educations available in Biology, then Xavier University of Louisiana is worth a strong consideration.

Hood College does not have an extensive focus on Biology, but it does offer interested students the ability to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. As Hood College is primarily known for its broad range of excellent professors, students can be confident that any education they receive at Hood College will be far above that offered by other contemporaries.

Judson University is a four-year Christian school that hopes to broaden student’s horizons while also providing them with an education that will stick with them for the rest of their life. In order to do this, Judson University takes students out of their comfort zones and throws them head-first into exciting and new experiences. With their programs in Biology and a commitment to their faith, they are a great institution for any religious students eager to further their studies.

Southern Adventist University has an extensive array of viable Biology fields for potential students. With Bachelor’s Degrees in both Arts and Sciences, Souther Adventist University hopes to entice students to come for their incredible education opportunities and stay for their discourse on Christianity. If you’re interested in solid education opportunities and are religious, Southern Adventist University may be the school for you.

Grove City College prides itself on providing students with one thing above all else: freedom. With this freedom, students at Grove City College are encouraged to earn their Bachelor’s Degree in Biology through independent research and a myriad of other activities that do not rely on constant supervision from faculty.

Morgan State University helps students to not only finish their Bachelor’s Degree in Biology but also to find the career that is the perfect fit for them. In addition, Morgan State University offers its students post-graduate study opportunities in order for them to earn either their Master’s Degree or Doctorate.

Lincoln University of Pennsylvania has opportunities for students to earn both a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology as well as a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biology. Additionally, Lincoln University provides its students with minors in Environmental Science to help round out the general Biology major.

Bard College at Simon’s Rock is proud of its extensive curriculum in Biology, as many of its students move on to pursue an education in Medical School. For students interested in moving on to Medical School, Bard College at Simon’s Rock has a positive track record with its students that cannot be ignored.

Moravian College and Moravian Theological Seminary is a Christian educational institution that takes its focus on Biological Sciences very seriously. Whether it’s a Bachelor’s Degree in Science or Natural Resource Management, Moravian College puts the education of students above all else.

College of New Jersey has several core courses that encompass the Bachelor’s Degree in Biology program. While they do not offer post-graduate level studies, they do have an extensive list of available schools to ensure that every student can continue their education however they see fit.

Hofstra University is committed to providing students with the cutting-edge laboratory experiences that students commonly associate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. Whether it be for a Bachelor of the Arts or a Bachelor of Science, Hofstra University has its resources available for all students.

Arizona Western College is dedicated to providing students with a flexible course schedule and program that allows students to pursue whatever Degree in Biology is most comfortable for them. At Arizona Western College, the student’s needs come first.

Texarkana College is a community college that seeks to provide students with the tools they’ll need to succeed at larger educational institutions. Their Associate’s Degree in Biology is sure to set students for future success and comes highly recommended.

George Mason University has a large collection of available Biology majors for students, including an accelerated program that allows students to acquire their Master’s Degree in Biology after five years of studying. Students attending George Mason University can be confident in knowing that they will graduate with an advanced education in quantitative reasoning, natural sciences, and information technology proficiency, among other Biology-related fields.

Southwestern Adventist University is Christian-based educational institution that seeks to enlighten students to the mysteries of life and the effect that their God has on it through their Biology program. Religious students that are also interested in Biology could find success at Southwestern Adventist Univeristy, as they also support post-graduate studies.

Old Dominion University has a comprehensive list of available Biology programs for interested students, which allows them to go from undergraduate to post-graduate all at the same institution. If you’re interested in sticking with one university for the duration of your academic career and want to graduate with a Doctorate, then Old Dominion University is the school for you.

Central State University offers its students the ability to graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology, but that doesn’t mean it lacks a liberal arts emphasis on the natural beauty of the world. Central State University prides itself on developing a curriculum in Biology that explores this dichotomy and leaves students with a well-rounded education in Biology.

Trine University believes in the three “E’s” for any student’s success: explore, experience, and excel. With that in mind, Trine University seeks to provide students with the type of educational experience that will leave a permanent mark on the way they approach problems and devise solutions. Best of all, their Bachelor’s Degree in Biology program allows for some of its courses to be completed online, highlighting their commitment to working to meet the needs of students.

Chabot College may not be a bigger school, but it makes up for this by providing students a financially inexpensive way of acquiring their Associate’s Degree in Biology. Additionally, they have been integrating the use of technology into their curriculum, assuring that students have multiple ways of accessing classes.

Presentation College is a smaller school that has become primarily known for its dedication to delivering a high-quality small classroom environment that assures each student gets their fair share of time with professors in their related field. While their Degree programs may generally be Associate’s in general, they do offer Bachelor of Science Degrees in Biology.

Saint Martin’s University holds great pride in its small classrooms and technologically impressive laboratories for students interested in Biology. In addition to its strong focus on helping students acquire their Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, the program at Saint Martin’s University will provide students with an extensive liberal arts background to ensure that they can move on from their career into related fields later in life.

Holyoke Community College provides students with an Associate’s Degree in Biology that can then be used to transfer to a larger school for completion of a Bachelor’s Degree. Additionally, much of the provided coursework can be completed online.

Radford University has both Majors and Minors available for those interested in Biology. In fact, they also offer students the ability to earn their teaching license directly through the school’s Biology Degree program.

Gonzaga University has a long history of success with its Biology department, going so far as to be named one of the most innovative by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. If you’re interested in pursuing a Degree at a highly rated facility, then apply now.

Pensacola State College is a great school for those interested in pursuing an Associate’s Degree in Biology. Not only does the Pensacola State College program prepares students for their Bachelor’s Degree in the future but is also specifically designed to give students an advantage in applying to Florida-based institutions for further study.